Quick Release Hooks

In the standard design, single hook, double hook, three hook, four hook or six hook release hook assemblies with different loads can be provided. The whole cable stripping hook adopts stainless steel forging process, which is more safe and reliable.
The user can manually uncouple through machinery or locally electrically uncouple through the electrical system installed on the cable uncoupling hook, and the electric control of the cable winch is integrated. In the new system, it can completely liberate both hands. As long as the pressure foot switch of our company is used, the operator can easily control the speed of the winch motor and no longer rely on the high and low speed knob switch on the local control box.

Quick Release Hooks
  • Finite Element Modeling and 3D modelling to ensure the hook strength
  • Forged hook head provides better strength and durability
  • Safety factor: 1.5 times SWL by proof of test individually
  • Quick and safe release at full load when emergency
  • Spark-free operation & electrical insulation for hazardous area
  • Rubber block absorbs the energy during hook release
  • Modular design, easier to repair and maintain