Environmental Monitoring System

CONEALL® integrates a large rage of specialized weather and oceanographical sensors into the Environmental Monitoring System, composed of current speed & direction, wind speed & direction, wave & tide, water depth, specific seawater weight, precipitation (rain, snow, hail), visibility (meteorological optical range of sight), relative humidity, air temperature and pressure. Usually, the EMS system is integrated into the BAS system.

Wave/Tide sensor

  • Type:CNL-WT200
  • tide
  • Significant wave height and period
  • Maximum wave height and period
  • Long wave height and period

weather Satation

  • Type: CNL-WS600
  • Wind Speed/direction
  • Humidity/Temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Rainfall

Visibility sensor

  • Type:CNL-VS20K
  • Range:0~20000m

Current sensor

  • Multiple cells for reading at different distances
  • Current speed/direction
  • Tide/wave
  • Water temperature

Single Point current sensor

  • Current speed
  • Current direction
  • Water temperature
  • Speed:0~300cm/s
  • direction:0~360°
  • tempature:-4℃~36℃