Mooring Load Monitor System

MLMS Mooring Loading Monitoring System is often an add-on to the LDS (Laser Docking System) integration. It provides monitoring of mooring lines and warning in case of dangerous loads. The load pins and associated electronics can be retrofitted to existing mooring hooks as well as fitted into new Quick Release Mooring Hooks of any brand.

The mooring load monitoring subsystem (MLMs) can be integrated into i-marines. When the ship switches from the berthing state to the drift monitoring state of the ship’s operation in the port, the system will automatically provide the real-time tension value of each cable of the ship in real time. Through the preset threshold in advance, the audible and visual alarm prompt of cable tension early warning and alarm can be made for each cable in time. The i-marine software system can understand the tension of each cable in real time through the simulated ship simulation animation. If the tension value of the cable is within the safe range, the display color of the cable is green. If the tension value of the cable is in the early warning state, the cable is yellow, and the system will send a real-time early warning audible and visual prompt. If the tension value of the cable is in the alarm state, the cable is displayed in red. The wharf staff can intuitively understand the mooring conditions of each cable of the current wharf. Timely human intervention can be used to prevent serious accidents of cable breaking.

The load pin and communication module can be refitted to any existing quick release hook. We can customize the load pin sensor according to the cable release hook of each manufacturer, and we can quickly and easily match the whole system to the cable release hook structure of any manufacturer

The load pin sensor is our patented product (Patent No.: 7579762). Our current product accuracy is ± 1%, which is higher than the general industry standard. It can more accurately provide users with real-time cable tension value and avoid dangerous accidents.