Remote Quick Release Hook System (R-QRH)

QRH is designed for safe manual or remote release of mooring lines under full load conditions. It has been a demand in the design that the hooks are easy to open and close with extreme low force. This design leads to increased safety. The electrical system can pass LAN/Ethernet, greatly simplifying the wiring complexity on site. It is easy to realize the redundant safety network structure of the ring network by selecting the ring network route. In the redundant network structure of the ring network, the function of other nodes in the link will not be lost due to the break of the intermediate link in the loop. In addition, we use Modbus protocol (RTU and TCP) to carry out system network wiring on site, which can also greatly improve the network reliability on site.

The remote-control system for QRH (R-QRH) is primary designed to operate the hooks in case of an evacuation of the terminal. The remote quick release panel is designed for safe and easy operation. It can be located in both safe and hazardous areas. The panel has built-in display providing the mooring load data and the hook station status and sends alarms in case of hooks station failure.